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Deer Creek's Seppala Litters
We haven't been very good about staying alphabetical with the Seppalas
but this is a quick reference to the breedings we have done at Deer Creek










Allan and Tabetha Berge
PO Box 992
Glenrock, WY 82637
A Litter
Sep 2004

Sepp Loks Bristall x Sepp-Lok's Whatariot
C Litter
Sep 2004

Sepp Lok's Zip x Sepp-Lok's Paisley
Dukes of Hazard Litter
Apr 2005

Hoodoo of Seppalta x Sepp-Lok's Xali
F Litter
May 2006

Seppaltas Monkey x
Seppaltas Madonna
G Litter
June 2006

Sepp-Lok's Ushi x
Sepp-Star's Feather
H Litter
June 2006

Sepp-Lok's Ushi x
Sepp-Lok's Paisley
I Litter
July 2006

Hoodoo of Seppalta x
Queche of Seppalta
J Litter
Oct 2006

Shevshenko of Rivndell x
Sepp-Aluks Sunrise Dance
L Litter
Feb 2008

Seppalta's Rambo x
Riverdances Frankie
Q Litter
July 2008

Marshall of Seppalta x
Seppalta's Madonna
S Litter
May 2009

Shevshenko of Rivndell x
Seppalta's Alanta
W Litter
Nov 2009

Seppalta's Griffin at Windy Ridge x
Hope of Seppalta
M.A.S.H. Litter
Nov. 2009

Corcoran's Junior x
Deer Creek's Jena
Z Litter
Apr 2010

Seppalta's Hank of Bronco x
Sepp-Lok's Velvet
Halloween Litter
Oct. 2010

Deer Creek's Leno x
Sepp-Lok's Leader of Deer Creek
Bear Litter
Nov 2012

Seppalta's Chase x
Sepp-Lok's Leader of Deer Creek
Wheeler Litter
Nov 2012

Taymarr's Monet x
Deer Creek's Isabelle
V Litter
July 2013

Seppalta's Axle x
Deer Creek's Zen
Outlaw Litter
Aug 2013

Taymarr's Monet x
Seppalta's Xairie
Alaska Litter
Aug 2013

Shining Mountain's Domenqez x
Snowy River's Dove
Traveler Litter
Aug 2013

Deer Creek's Spider x
Seppalta's Zoie

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